Evangel Presbytery’s Abortion and the Church is now available in book form.  You can also listen to it here (subsequent parts to be released as they are recorded). You can get it online and in PDF form as well.

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Click here to read what Pastor Tim Bayly wrote when we first released the document.

Evangel Presbytery is a new association of reformed churches. Our charter meeting was held in Bloomington, Indiana on February 19th and 20th, 2019. Evangel Presbytery was officially formed on June 6, 2019.

The first official meeting of Evangel Presbytery.

Our purpose in forming this new presbytery is not to replace any other presbytery, nor do we aspire to any purity of doctrine or practice unique in our present ecclesiastical context. We will set ourselves in the mainstream of historic Protestant and Reformed practice and doctrine, asking God to allow us to demonstrate some commonality of zeal and truth with those fathers in the faith who have gone before us. We desire to create nothing new, but only to reaffirm the doctrine and practice of those who have gone before us. We ask God’s blessing on our work.