Inside Clearnote Church’s sanctuary, Moderator Andrew Dionne and Clerk of Presbytery Lucas Weeks look on as Pastor Max Curell — chair of the Church Planting committee — gives a report on several news works coming into fellowship.

The 4th Stated Meeting of Evangel Presbytery met at Clearnote Church in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 1, 2020 at 10 am with prayer and a call to worship from Moderator Andrew Dionne. After raising our voices together in psalms and hymns, Pastor Alex McNeilly opened the word from Luke 9:46 – 50. Following the Lord’s Supper and benediction, business began around 11 with adoption of the docket and discussion of a modest budget for 2021.

Following the budget, everyone was ready for lunch, which was ample and delicious. Conversation was prevalent and ranged over everything from upcoming overtures to mutual interests in music. The candy bowl was a great ending to lunch and a source of constant edification throughout the afternoon, leading to the unofficial adoption of it as a standing tradition. Our future hosts at Trinity Reformed Church and Reformed Church of the Holy Trinity should take note!

Following lunch, the moderator introduced an overture from Christ Church Cinncinnati and appointed a study committee to consider it and it’s proposed clarification of means of discipline in the BCO. Following other appointments and a brief report from the Shepherding Committee, Pastor Jospeh Bayly — chair of the Candidates and Credentials Committee — took the podium to lead the ordination exam of pastoral candidates Jason Chen and Joe Helt. Questions from the chair and the floor were lively, but both men showed a firm grasp of church history and the sacraments through their responses. The assembly sustained their examinations unanimously before moving to work on calls for them both.

First Presbyterian Church in Jasper, Indiana brought an overture from the congregation to be received into Evangel, having voted to leave the PCA several weeks before. Pastoral candidate Joe Helt has been serving as their pulpit supply for the past year and the overture included a call for him to serve as their pastor. During a statement from the trustees of the church, it was very sweet to see the affection that has already developed between the Helt family and the membership of First Presbyterian.

Following the receiving of First Presbyterian, the assembly further approved the start of a new work in Bloomington, Indiana — a Chinese-speaking church to serve the city’s Chinese population. This new church will be lead by ordinate Jason Chen. Please keep Kernel of Wheat Fellowship in your prayers as their base of ministry has really struggled over the course of 2020.

The moderator wonders how many amendments to the amendment upon the amendment to the motion he’s going to have to sort through.

The moderator steered deliberations through the remaining committee reports and unfinished business efficiently, leading to an early conclusion around 4pm. Elder Brian Bailey was nominated to serve as moderator in 2021 before the assembly adjourned with prayer. Most of the commissioners then squandered their early dismissal by hanging around the sanctuary, foyer, and parking lot to visit until 5:30 – a testament to the kind hospitality of Clearnote Church.

We praise God for a good day of successful work.

Many thanks to photographer Sarah Schmidtt for capturing the events of the day.