The 15th Stated Meeting of Evangel Presbytery was hosted by Trinity Reformed Church in Bloomington, IN on Thursday, June 6th.

Worship and Communion

Our meeting began as always with a morning worship service. Pastor Jason Chen preached John 21:18-23 where Peter is told how he will die, and then immediately asks about what will happen to John. Jason’s exhortations were very helpful. Often we are concerned about our brother for the wrong reasons, comparing each other instead of following our Lord.


After worship we introduced and sat our visitors, then moved onto the docket. Our stated clerk, Lucas Weeks, gave his report, covering a handful of things. Our treasurer, John Kluge, then gave his report. Our Ad Interim Committee on the New Doctrinal Positions Section of the BCO is continuing its work. New members were added to various committees.

Candidates and Credentials

Next, we held a Licensure Exam for Nathan Alberson (from Church of the King, Evansville). Nathan did well on his oral exams and they were sustained. We then broke for lunch (brisket), which was so good I forgot to take a picture! After lunch Nathan preached his assigned passage to Presbytery (1 Corinthians 2:1-5). His sermon was edifying, and was sustained. He is now licensed to preach regularly in Evangel! We then held an Ordination Exam for Matt Shifflett, who has received a call to be an assistant pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church. His exam was sustained and he is scheduled to be ordained on June 16th. Congratulations men!


We then heard reports from two of our churches. Please be in prayer for Trinity Presbyterian Church, as they are growing and are in need of more elders. Pray for Trinity Reformed Church as they are expanding their church building (many materials from overseas are still delayed). We heard an annual report from out-of-bounds pastor Tim Bayly. He has been teaching courses at New Geneva Academy and is enjoying the work. He and his wife are continuing to serve both in and outside of Evangel, providing counsel and help. We then heard updates from our Mission Churches. Please be in prayer for each of them, that the Lord would establish the work of their hands.

Wrapping Up

Finally, we heard from our Sessional Records Committee and concluded business.

Our next stated meeting will be Friday, October 4, 2024 at Clearnote Church (Indianapolis, IN). Look forward to seeing you there!